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Speed Read, April 16, 2023

We’re starting and ending with two color-matched Ducatis this week; a Ducati Pantah restomod from Australia, and a Ducati 749S custom from France. Wedged between them are a wood-clad Yamaha XS650, and the wildest supercharged Honda CBR900 we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Godden GR500 speedway restomod by Unikat

Slick Slider: A Godden GR500 speedway restomod from Unikat

Speedway bikes are the very definition of purpose-built. They’re brakeless, single-gear machines with bizarre proportions, designed to do one thing—go around a dirt track at angles that defy physics. But, like all racing motorcycles, they’ve evolved over the years. Early speedway racers would simply modify existing ‘regular’ bikes to perform as best they could. It…

Harley-Davidson V-Rod

Unlikely Combo: How Porsche Helped Harley Build the V-Rod

They say opposites attract, and aside from a historic reliance on air-cooled engines, Porsche and Harley-Davidson couldn’t be more apples to oranges. Back in the 1990s, Porsche was the foremost name in German performance engineering, while Harley’s offerings had become decidedly stagnant since the mid 80s. The result of this unlikely partnership was the Harley-Davidson…